Rise and Run

22 Jan

First things first.

Yesterday was one of those days where the only solution is to come home, put on flannel pajama pants and a fleece hoodie, and dig into the Crunchy Cookie Butter. That is all.

20130122-094113.jpg(It was a very long day)

Now on to this morning.

Rise and Run – success! It almost didn’t happen. The alarm went off at 5:21 AM, I checked the weather, looked at my hubby all snuggled up, and reset the alarm for normal get-ready-for-work wakeup time.  Then suddenly, one of those motivational quote images popped into my head:


That settled it. There was no way I was going to fall back asleep. I was out of bed by 5:30 and started layering on the cold weather gear. I added an extra layer and a ski cap because Accuweather told me it felt like 0 degrees out (two thermal shirts = extra toasty, maybe a little too toasty). I also had a little personal chuckle while I passed cars idling in driveways to warm up and neighbors bundled up to put the garbage out on the curb. It was too dark to see their faces, but I’m pretty sure the one guy did a double take and shook his head in amazement (or pity?).

20130122-094102.jpgDon’t worry, I had my Knuckle Lights to see and be seen!

I got in a good 2.54 miles at a 9:08 pace and then hit up my lolo Easy Arms app for a 5:00 tone-up session. All in all a great way to start the day! I’m a little tired as I finish up my lunch hour here, but getting up to run was the right choice. I definitely do not regret it!


2 Responses to “Rise and Run”

  1. Jade January 22, 2013 at 2:19 pm #

    Good for you! That sounds nothing like my morning, lol. I could barely drag myself out of bed to get back to the grind, let alone run. It will be a treadmill session for me tonight because it is only supposed to hit -15 or so as a high…not enough thermal shirts in the world for that.

  2. Jenny January 22, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    Awesome job! I got up at 6:20 to “work out” but since I fell asleep at 5am… I turned off my alarm, then woke up later then get ready for work time.. Hahaha

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