I tried to run this morning, I promise…

16 Jan

As planned, my alarm went off at 5:21 AM this morning. I looked out the window to see if it had snowed and there was about 2″ of fresh powder covering the roads. No plows had gone through at all and they probably wouldn’t for at least another hour. So I hit snooze and opted for an evening run!


I ran without music (mostly because I left my iPhone on the dining room table) and I felt like it was a good choice. I was more attuned to my body, breath, and experience. This helped me avoid falling on slippery spots, adjust my form, focus my breath, notice the lightness and energy in my body, and pay attention to every sensation in my foot. I was also able to just let my thoughts wander. Of course, the only one I can remember now is, “Wow, the sound of my ear muffs scraping against the collar of my jacket is really annoying….”

2.39 miles | 21:39 total time | 9:04 avg pace

I felt really good on this run and still no pain in my foot! Slowly and steadily, the miles are going to start increasing, I can feel it.

After the run, I made a delicious dinner of wild caught salmon, sweet potato puffs, and cauliflower. These sweet potato puffs are AHHHmazing! It is so hard not to eat the whole bag by myself in one meal….


It doesn’t seem like my return to “Rise and Run” will happen this week, so that will be a new goal for next week! I’m really not a morning person so I’m going to have to re-train myself to get back into the routine I was in before the MFI hit. I might need a little a lot of encouragement!


One Response to “I tried to run this morning, I promise…”

  1. Jade January 16, 2013 at 10:18 pm #

    Yay for another pain free run! It is such a good feeling to build mileage back up, isn’t it? OMG sweet potato puffs?? Yum!

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