Just your average Tuesday…

15 Jan

I went to bed last night with the intention of getting up for an early morning run. I even set my alarm for 5:21! However, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep and as the time approached midnight, I imagined myself hearing the alarm at 5:21 AM, feeling too tired to function, turning it off, and then feeling incredibly guilty for not getting up to run. I decided to reset the alarm for my regular wake up time. It was for the best, truly.

Just for fun, I took this picture of myself in my office last week. I thought today would be the perfect time to share it, for no other reason than I think it’s good to add some pictures of my fabulous non-running hair from time to time.


In food news, I’ve been really into this chicken poppyseed salad I created and have been eating for lunch lately. It’s a pretty healthy alternative to the grab-and-go options I was choosing too frequently before. It’s delicious and keeps me full until my late afternoon snack.


  • 50/50 spring mix/baby spinach blend
  • More baby spinach (so it’s more like a 60/40 blend?)
  • Deli shaved chicken (I like Boar’s Head Golden Classic, it’s lower sodium)
  • Reduced fat feta cheese
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Chopped walnuts
  • Croutons (occasionally)
  • Lite sweet and sour poppy seed dressing

I don’t have a food scale so I kind of just toss the ingredients together (going easy on the cranberries, walnuts, croutons, and dressing). Based on my estimated measurements and the calculations from the MyFitnessPal app, this salad clocks in at under 300 calories and has about 25g of protein or so. [I’m nowhere near a professional dietitian or nutritionist, so don’t quote me on that.] It’s also easy to switch up the dressing to add variety and/or easily adjust calories and sugar. It’s definitely a great go-to lunch salad for me!

There is snow in the forecast for tomorrow morning, so we’ll see how the second attempt for Rise and Run goes…


2 Responses to “Just your average Tuesday…”

  1. Jade January 15, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    Your hair is quite fabulous in that picture. I love love your bangs. How do you do that?

    • Nikki January 15, 2013 at 11:01 pm #

      Why, thank you! It all starts with the right cut with bangs that work with your features. That makes a big difference. I also blowdry my hair in sections, starting with just my bangs and using a big round brush. It’s a process….

      I’m also wayyyy overdue for a haircut and have one coming up on Friday!

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