Sunday Runday

13 Jan

It’s been a pretty nice weekend and I’m sad to see it end. Here are some highlights:

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon bowling to celebrate the 3rd birthday of our friends’ daughter. They rented the VIP area, so we had private lanes and food all to ourselves.

UsBowlingSomeone tipped off the paparazzi that we’d be there

Mark BowlsThe husbo in action

Nikki bowlsLook at my perfect bowling form!

We had a lot of fun and cupcakes with pink frosting. I bowled a perfect 71 (with bumpers…) so I’m sure I’ll be getting calls soon for contract deals and endorsements. You can tell everyone you knew me before I was famous, I won’t mind.

Early late this morning, while Mark and I were trying to figure out what to make for breakfast, we realized the only ingredients we had were milk and bread. So, we decided to hit up the diner.

20130113-173007.jpgI love waffles. Waffles are my favorite.

We washed brunch down with a side of multivitamins. It’s a goal of ours to be more consistent with taking vitamins, especially with all the flu and other nasty sickness going around. Naturally, we bought the biggest bottle Target had.

20130113-173026.jpgTruth be T, I just really wanted to find a way to share this picture

And now on to the running bit. (It is Runday, right?!) This afternoon I went out for my third run back from injury. It was a little warmer than usual for January (44 F/7 C) so I skipped the earmuffs and jacket. I was pretty comfortable in my long sleeve and thermal tights.

20130113-173800.jpgPre-run photo

I was feeling pretty amazing during this run, so I let myself go a little further than I did Friday. I’m still feeling pretty amazing and I haven’t had any pain, so I think that was a good judgment call. I plan to stick to around 2 miles for my runs during this week, though.

3.02 miles |27:20 total time | 9:03 avg pace

During the run I checked my pace periodically and felt surprised that I was hovering around a 9:00 mile pace. I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable there and imagined I would probably be hitting 10:00 miles or more since it had been so long. I must have been storing some endurance and fitness somewhere. Is that even possible after nearly 3 months off?

Also: I really hope animal crackers are an appropriate recovery snack. Because I ate an entire zoo.


One Response to “Sunday Runday”

  1. Jade January 13, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    Yay for another run back! Looks like a fun weekend too 🙂

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