Monday Meditation: A Slow Start

7 Jan

In the spirit of yesterday’s Starting From Scratch run, I felt it would be a good time to focus on the value of starting over and starting slow. Taking an extended break from running can be a frustrating and difficult adjustment, especially when returning means essentially building back up from zero. It can be easy to fall into the temptation of the open road and try to pick up where you left off. I admit I am somewhat anxious to be back at the level of fitness I was at in October and it hasn’t been easy to accept that the miles I put in last year are long gone. But I am also realistic. Pushing too far, too fast, too soon is a recipe for re-injury or more setbacks. If I want to get back into shape and meet my personal goals for racing this year, I will have to start back at 1 and gradually move forward. Average 25 miles a week? Sub 8:00 miles? Another half-marathon? I’ll get there. Eventually. Patience is an ally, not an enemy. 

Thanks to an unexpectedly free afternoon, I was able to find a few inspirational quotes to emphasize today’s meditation. Enjoy!

still a mile


Original source unknown


SlowProgressIsStillProgress(Click on the photos to be linked to the source, if available.)

When it seems the miles are coming slower than you’d like or your body isn’t ready to go farther yet, remember: Even a slow start is a start.


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