Why I Love Winter Running

3 Jan

I hate being cold, but I love running outside in the winter. Weird, right?

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I discovered this love last year. I’m really not a fan of the dreadmill treadmill (boring!) so I did everything possible to avoid having to run inside last winter. Unless it was cold enough for my eyeballs and snot to freeze, I was wrapped up in layers and hitting the pavement. I certainly didn’t put in as many miles as the warmer seasons, but I found that I preferred the cold much more than even the coolest  morning or evening summer runs. Right about now you might be asking why on earth would I want to run in the freezing cold. Well, I’ll tell you!

I can breathe much easier. Humidity and  my lungs don’t get along too well and the cold, dry air seems to be more forgiving. Unless, of course, it is cold enough for my nostrils to freeze shut.

I find the freezing cold invigorating and motivating. This applies only to when I’m actually running. The cold is a shock and I know if I slow down or stop it’ll start to suck really fast. Otherwise, it  leads to bundling up and staying inside with hot cocoa and doing whatever I can to avoid being out in the cold for any length of time.

It’s very quiet and peaceful. If you haven’t noticed, there aren’t as many people hanging out outside once it gets below 45 degrees F (or about 7 C for those on the metric system). The streets are quiet and the serenity promotes a more mindful run.

I get to use fun cold weather gear. Winter running gear is pretty cool, especially the stuff that’s specifically designed to keep you warm and dry and well-seen. (Bright thermal and moisture wicking hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, tights, socks, etc etc). And I don’t leave the house without my Knuckle Lights!

It staves off mid-winter blues and boredom. Lack of sunlight and extended time indoors (among other things) are contributing factors to seasonal depression and cabin fever. Maintaining a regular exercise routine, whether it’s at the gym or on the road, is an effective mood stabilizer and boredom-buster.

It helps keep the weight off from all the comfort food and cookies. Creamy soups, holiday cookies, stuffing and potatoes, hot cocoa, non-holiday cookies, pie…. If you are running enough, you can enjoy these without feeling so guilty or turning into a blob. Did I mention cookies?

I enjoy other people’s reactions to my so-called insanity for doing so. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy being called “hardcore”?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to winter running. The important thing is that no matter if you do it on an indoor track, treadmill, trail, road, or in circles around your living room, the point is to keep moving. Don’t let cold weather put you into a running hibernation!


3 Responses to “Why I Love Winter Running”

  1. Jenny January 3, 2013 at 5:56 pm #

    YES! =)


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