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Adding to the 2013 Race Calendar

31 Jan

Yesterday I signed up for the Kilt Run 5K, which is a fun St. Patty’s themed race where a lot of people wear kilts and other festive clothing and accessories to run to a finish line complete with beer, food, and Irish dancing. I’m excited because I have been wanting to do a race that involves some kind of costume or fun theme. I’m thinking maybe a green tutu and knee socks? We’ll see!

I originally wanted to the Runnin’ of the Green 4 Mile (Green Island, NY), but it was sold out by the time I decided.


Maybe I should copy this woman’s costume?


I already registered for a couple of other races so far. They aren’t costumed or themed races, but I’m looking forward to them.

I’ll be running the Freihofer’s Run For Women 5K in June. It’s a really popular race in this area and actually features many national and international professional runners among us amateurs.

I signed up for the Boilermaker 15K, which I wanted to do last year but missed out on the registration deadline. This year I was on top of it and luckily made the cut before it sold out (within 66 hours!). This is another popular race that attracts a lot of attention. It was named the “most competitive 15K in the world” by the Analytical distance runner and Bill Rodgers ran it and won in 1983. I’m just shooting for a decent finish.

Registration for the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon doesn’t begin until March, so I am patiently waiting to sign up to do this for the second time.

I am still trying to settle on another half marathon to do, maybe in early Summer. I can’t decide!

More races TBD!


Nothing like a good run to start the day

30 Jan

In line with the weird weather lately, this morning was unseasonably warm. That means I got to get myself out of bed at before sunrise and hit the road! Honestly, I kind of dawdled and didn’t start up my Garmin 110 until 6:00 AM. I was super tired so I took it nice and easy.

3.17 miles | 30:00 total time | 9:28 avg pace

Toward the end of the run, one of my Knuckle Lights started flickering and stopped working. I hope it can be fixed, I rely on these things for my runs in the dark!


I topped the day’s workout with some strength training and core work (5:00 arms, 5:00 abs).

And then I soared through the day on a pretty nice runner’s high! It’s a good thing, too, because I had a very busy day.

Yesterday I heard an ad on the radio for Dunkin’ Donuts announcing the new Red Velvet Latte. (How did they get inside my head?!) As soon as I heard that, I made it my goal to get one this morning.

20130130-134829.jpgDelicious goal: accomplished!

During my last trip to Trader Joe’s, I grabbed some of their Greek yogurt to try out. So far, they have outdone Chobani and Yoplait in the flavor department. I think vanilla bean is my favorite. The blueberry one is for tomorrow.


I am happy to report that I have been doing well on my goal of being more mindful of what I’m eating and making healthier choices. I’ve  been paying attention to how much food I’m eating daily as well as the quality, because I have a serious sweets and snacks habit. (Hence the 7ish pounds I gained during that time off for the MFI). Part of this goal has been for Mark and I to get groceries more regularly and plan our meals to avoid eating a lot of fast food and pasta. It’s really been working and I know I’m getting leaner and I feel a lot better. [I may have snuck a peek at the scale, shhh.]

Tonight’s dinner was pretty awesome:


Lightly breaded and broiled wild caught salmon, quinoa/brown rice blend with cilantro seasoning (Seeds of Change brand), and broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. It was seriously good.

And every good running day should end with a little dessert, right?


What in the world is ‘freezing drizzle’?

29 Jan

Basically, it means that everything is slushy and slippery. I looked out my window at 5:21 AM this morning and visions of slipping and breaking myself while running immediately came to mind. Spending more time nursing an injury is not in my future plans, so I used my better judgment and opted for a change in routine. Even though it’s a late work night for me (8:00 PM), I committed to doing a run when I left the office.

Well, the weather forecast was not so good for that time of night either. So…I resigned myself to one simple fact. If I was going to run today…

I had to run…on…the…dreadmill! (cue old horror movie scream)

woman-screaming(B the W: How is a waist that tiny humanly possible?)

I try to do everything I can to avoid running on the treadmill because I find it very dull. But from time to time, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and the occasional ‘mill workout is acceptable. (Plus, we are still paying for a gym membership, so going once every few months is cost effective, right?)

Since it was a looooong day at the office (and I’ve only worked myself back up to 4 miles so far), I planned to keep it short so I could get home and into my fleece and flannel pajamas ASAP.

WELL, short it was!

I checked in after 8:30 PM and as soon as I started undressing, I realized I had no running pants. I checked my bag 1,276 times hoping that fact would change. I even thought about taking Mark’s suggestion…..


But I figured it was really just a sign that a run was not going to happen today. Womp womp.

So, I did the “walk of shame” back out the front door of the gym and headed home straight into my pajamas.

The Runiverse was simply not on my side today. But tomorrow’s a whole new game, right? 😉