PT: Round 2

28 Dec

I was up dark and early this morning to get myself ready and off to round 2 of physical therapy for my Mysterious Foot Injury (AKA tendinitis). Seriously, who doesn’t love 8:00 AM medical appointments? I spent a little time with the e-stim machine and hot pack. Here’s an awkward photo for your viewing pleasure:20121228-125158.jpg

After that there was a bunch of stretching, pulling, massaging, and rotating. (That’s what she said! No?) I left feeling slightly sore but throughout the day it seemed to dissipate and loosen up. I also got a handy sheet of exercises and stretches to do daily to strengthen my foot.

20121228-125204.jpgAfter some consideration I think I’ve decided to try out an “over-the-counter” orthotic insert before going the full-on expensive custom insole route. The PT seemed to think that was reasonable, at least in the short term. My wallet is also grateful. So I will be doing some research to find an insert that could be effective. Any brand suggestions?

PT Round 3: Next Friday at 9:00 AM.


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