MFI: Less of a Mystery

21 Dec

This afternoon I went to a consultation with the physical therapist and he examined my foot. It is actually pretty swollen and tender on the top left side where the discomfort is. I tried taking a picture but it was too hard to tell (and I don’t have a cute pedicure to show off). And the answer to the Mysterious Foot Injury is…

Acute tendinitis and ligament strain!

This is due to repetitive strain (duh) and likely pronation. Worn out running shoes may have contributed because my foot was not being supported enough. We will do a digital scan of the foot to assess how bad the pronation is and then go from there to treatment.

Since I have been a good girl and have been avoiding running and high impact exercise, the tendinitis is not too bad. The PT said it will probably be healed in about 5 treatment visits or less. That means spending some time with the E-stim machine, sports massage, and stretching. Along with more RICE, of course. There’s a chance I might need orthotics, but I am hoping that’s not going to be the case.

If all goes well, it looks like I will be up and running again pretty soon!

For a visual, here are the tendons in the foot. From the looks of it, my issue is in the left-most extensor tendon.

Foot tendonsSource



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