MFI: Still a Mystery

20 Dec

It has been about an eternity 10 weeks since I last ran without pain in my left foot. Things seemed to be improving and I was RICE-ing like a pro and felt like healing was taking place. Not too long after admitting I had Antsy Pants, discomfort started to increase again. Luckily, a friend of mine put me into contact with a nice physical therapist who was willing to help me get to the bottom of this Mysterious Foot Injury at a reasonable cost (no health insurance, remember?). I was finally able to get an X-Ray yesterday and there’s good news! My foot bones are healthy! There is no evidence of a fracture.

See for yourself:

FootFoot 2

WOOHOO! But if it’s not a stress fracture…what is it?! Well, that’s still a mystery. Since fracture has been ruled out, it is likely a soft tissue injury or some kind of joint inflammation. (Yay?…)I have an appointment with the physical therapist tomorrow afternoon for an exam to hopefully get a definitive answer and make a plan to get me back on the road.


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