Monday Meditation: Embrace the Pain

10 Dec

Today I spent the day at a professional conference for mindfulness in psychotherapy practice and my brain is full of information on the mind-body connection to mental health. I think I’ll make a post later that’s dedicated to the science behind running (physical activity) and mental health.

For now, I’m sharing this quote:

“I know that if I can always find a way to run, then I will have an unlimited resource for peace of mind, a way to quiet the chaotic mental violence that I impose mostly upon myself. When I run, my mind is free, no matter where my body is located. Some runners seem to focus entirely on pushing aside pain, hiding it, masking it. I prefer not to try to hide from the pain, but rather to embrace it, to nurture it, even to welcome it with a determined voice that says, ‘Is that all you’ve got?’ Then I try to quietly listen for the lesson, anticipating it like it’s the drink I’ve been waiting for all day.”

– Charlie Engle, Ultra Distance Endurance Athlete

Charlie highlights a very important aspect of mindfulness – tuning into the body to release emotional and physical pain. If we give up when it becomes painful, we would not be able to experience the immense positive benefits that come from making it to the other side.

I feel I could ramble on incessantly on this topic, but my body is telling me I’m far too tired. It’s also telling me there is a gingerbread cookie and hot cocoa deficit in my belly (or was that my husband?). Either way, I guess I better listen!


One Response to “Monday Meditation: Embrace the Pain”

  1. Hayley December 14, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    This is a great topic. I totally agree with what you said about not giving up when it becomes painful, because it’s that much better when you make it through the pain and can appreciate the good times. Have a wonderful weekend Nikki!

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