Antsy Pants

2 Dec


It’s been about 7 weeks since I have been able to run pain-free. Staying positive and patient is proving to be a difficult task, especially as holiday time draws nearer. With all the great food and baked goods it is hard to set limits for myself to avoid turning into a doughy mess. (But peppermint hot chocolate is sooo good!)

20121202-185243.jpgMmmm, holiday Luna bars

I’m also feeling antsy, as I love running in the freezing cold winter weather (yeah, I’m weird like that). It seems wherever I go, I see runners passing by. And all I can think is, “Can I come too?”

Sad face.

Despite the longing I feel when I see others running by or glance over at my neglected new Sauconies, I know it is only temporary. My foot seems to be healing, as I have gone a few days without any noticeable pain or swelling after walking around.

And I do have to thank a friend who reminded me of something very important:
It is much better to have an injury take a long time to heal than to re-injure.


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