Monday Meditation: Late Edition

27 Nov

I know, I know, it’s Tuesday. But since I wrote about Thanksgiving weekend yesterday, I postponed the Monday Meditation a day. (I do what I want!)

I stumbled upon this this afternoon and immediately thought, “YES! This is exactly how I feel about running!” I have written about running for others, but this really speaks to the most personal of reasons for running. It seems as though the writer has reached inside my brain to where I keep my thoughts about running and poetically strung the words together in a neat little saying.

Thank you, Sallie Stiens, for allowing me to share this!

I will be saving this one to refer to in the future when I feel down because of an injury, start to get burned out from my routine, head out for a long distance or tempo run, line up for a race, or in response to people who look at me quizzically and ask, “Run?! Why on Earth would you do that?!”


One Response to “Monday Meditation: Late Edition”

  1. galuri85 November 27, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    awesome 🙂

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