Monday Meditation: Give Thanks

19 Nov

Today was one of those unsettled Mondays where a nice, long run would have been the perfect antidote to make everything balance out again. Alas, the MFI is not ready to let me do that yet. Peppermint hot chocolate and a peppermint brownie cake pop from Starbucks seemed like a sensible alternative. Mmm….that’s better.

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, I thought I’d focus this week’s meditation on giving thanks, particularly for running. As I was searching for an appropriate quote or photo, this appeared on my screen from Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes:

“[…] Savor the child-like joy of moving across the earth under your own power. Run barefoot in the grass. Stop and look at the view at the top of a hill, or gaze at the water in the stream you are crossing.

Seek out your own valley of love and delight. Be thankful for your ability to run, and take pleasure in the fact that you are able to do it. Enjoy every mile of the journey, because we never know when we may be in the homestretch. […]

– Donald Buraglio, The Running Life    [Emphasis mine]

During the holiday season, we take time to count our blessings and list the many things we are thankful for. You may even be one of those people that lists a different thing every day for the whole month of November. Friends to laugh with, family to lean on, love to share, chocolate chip cookies, etc. etc. These are all wonderful and meaningful aspects of life, but there is also something simple that we often take for granted. The ability to run! For many people, running is not a possibility and never will be. And for many of us who are able to enjoy the pleasure of a run will not be able to do so forever. No matter the pace, distance, route, or purpose, running is a gift. So this year, give thanks for the ability to breathe, move, and run.

Even though I am not able to run as much as I would like to right now, I am thankful for all of the miles my legs and feet have carried me, I am thankful for my body’s ability to heal itself, and I am thankful for the miles that will come.


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