Feeling Domestic

18 Nov

Today is a very happy day because it signifies 6 months of wedded bliss! It’s hard to believe it’s been half a year. To celebrate, I did all sorts of wife-y things all weekend. I bought Mark a sweet card (because I’m sentimental like that), did some cooking and baking, and took care of all sorts of housework.

Photo taken by a friend at our reception 5/18/12

Saturday I made my famous pumpkin knot rolls for the first annual Friendsgiving celebrated with a group of our friends. I’d give out the recipe, but I’d have to charge you royalties every time you baked them. (Just kidding, I use this recipe right here.)

20121118-192105.jpgI loooooove my KitchenAid mixer. I whip up all sorts of stuff with it. Every household should have one!

20121118-192113.jpgThe dough rose! I didn’t kill the yeast this time! Funny story, the second or third time I made these was when we hosted Thanksgiving the year we bought our house. I killed the yeast and then the rolls came out burned on the bottom and doughy in the middle. Not a winning moment for my baking skills. At least the turkey rocked.

20121118-192126.jpgDomestic goddess?

20121118-192135.jpgRolling the dough into ropes

20121118-192141.jpgKnot ’em up

20121118-192147.jpgThe finished product! Soo yummy! (I skip the sesame seeds in the recipe.)

MFI Update: After a thorough warm-up of mopping, vacuuming, and laundry, I tried a very short easy run this afternoon. I didn’t have pain while running and just slight soreness afterwards. Since I’ve also been on my feet doing housework and errands all day, I’m RICE-ing for a little while before bed. Seems like a success but I will probably wait until next weekend to try again. Small steps!

13:22 total time | 1.39 miles | 9:37 avg pace


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