The Food Diaries

15 Nov

For a while now I’ve been thinking my eating habits need a little attention and some revamping. (read: Dunkin’ Donuts is not a healthy dinner choice and candy is not an essential food group.) A friend of mine has been using the myfitnesspal app with great success, so I thought I’d give it a try. After about a week and a half of painstakingly entering my food choices each day, I came to this profound conclusion: Counting calories sucks. I even considered breaking my policy and weighing myself, pshhh. Needless to say I have put myfitnesspal on hiatus. At least until I can get back into my regular running routine.

But really, what good is a running blog without posting pictures of the food I eat? Here are some tasty highlights from this past week. Prepare to be amazed! (or mildly interested?)

20121115-212659.jpgNonfat sugar-free hazelnut latte with cinnamon. Great way to start a day in any season!

Mu Mu Muesli, a magically delicious organic oat-fruit-nut cereal made in central NY. I buy this at the local green market and I like to put a little in nonfat Greek yogurt for breakfast. It’s seriously good. Yes, you can order online. And they also make pancake mix, which I will plan to try in the near future.

20121115-212713.jpgSpiced pumpkin bisque from Uncommon Grounds. Spiced. Pumpkin. Bisque. Need I say more?

20121115-212723.jpgMultigrain Guacamole Tortilla Chips from Deep River Snacks. These babies are all natural, gluten free deliciousness that make a lovely afternoon snack. I have no dietary restrictions when it comes to gluten, but if I did, I would eat these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

20121115-212732.jpgI met a good friend for dinner mid-week and opted for these cranberry walnut pancakes at a nearby cafe. I realize I should have flipped them over to really show how much awesomeness was inside these pancakes. Breakfast for dinner and heart-to-heart conversation, what more could a girl ask for to soothe her soul? (To be able to run pain free, perhaps?)

20121115-212740.jpgOne of the reasons my husband is awesome: After a long day at the office, he surprises me with one of the finer things in life – butternut squash cranberry bisque. That man knows me so well.

Conclusion: I really really like soup.

I also ate a pretty bangin’ homemade chocolate chip cookie, but since I didn’t take a picture it doesn’t count toward calories or that whole “eating less sugary things” thing I’ve been doing.

MFI Update: The pain continues to lessen each day and is pretty minimal except for occasional soreness that doesn’t stick around for very long. I am just continuing to rest it and taking it easy. I’ll try another walk or short jog this weekend to see how it feels. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I ran comfortably…


One Response to “The Food Diaries”

  1. Jennifer {Healthy Wifestyles} November 16, 2012 at 9:06 am #

    The Mu Mu Pancakes are AMAZING! We have two bags in our fridge – we should do a weekend Mu Mu brunch 🙂

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