Monday Meditation: Run for Others

5 Nov

When I woke up this morning, I still had the NYC marathoners and their hurricane relief efforts on my mind. Throughout the day as I tried to decide on an inspirational focus for today’s post, my thoughts kept wandering back to one theme – running for a purpose greater than the self.

If you surveyed a group of runners about why they run, you will certainly get a variety of answers. Weight loss. Fun. Ice cream. Stress relief. To win. To prove I can. Travel. Sanity. The list goes on and on. Among these personal lists, you will often find this: I run because others can’t.

It can be easy for us to take for granted the ability for our bodies to propel us forward for sprawling distances and at lightning speeds. However, there are those who may want to run but cannot. Whether it is due to physical disability, life circumstances, or natural disaster, there are people who are not able to experience the same joy we do. No matter where you’re from, there are numerous races and running events created to raise awareness for any cause you can think of at any distance imaginable. If you can run, jog, or walk, (or spectate), you can join efforts to raise money for disaster relief, cancer research, suicide prevention, human rights, animal shelters, curing physical illnesses, feeding the hungry, green initiatives, honoring veterans…whatever purpose is close to your heart.

Next time you lace up and hit the ground running, take a moment to be grateful for your body and dedicate those miles to those who cannot do the same. Make an effort to sign up for events that raise awareness for a specific cause. Find a charity sponsor and get monetary pledges for your next big race. Gather some fit runner friends and volunteer for those in need. Run to be part of something bigger than yourself.

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