New Kicks, A Run, and the Mysterious Foot Injury

26 Oct

After putting about 500 miles on my Mizuno Wave Riders, I decided it was time to retire them. I loved the Wave Riders, but I was unimpressed with the colors available (like, McKayla Maroney unimpressed). Bumble bee yellow is not my thing. So I said goodbye for now and with the help of the staff at Fleet Feet Albany, I found a pair of Saucony Mirage that were comparable and snazzy. Because we know it’s important for running shoes to have that sexy factor.

Thanks for the miles, Mizunos….I will miss you. 

Hello, Saucony Mirage! 

 Once I am able to put some miles on these, I will post a review. So far, I like them.

On Sunday, I ran 3.31 miles and experienced some discomfort afterward. I didn’t make any other attempts to run all week. It seemed the discomfort had dissipated so I thought, “Hey! Maybe a run in my new shoes would be a good idea!” Here’s my run:

4.54 miles | 39:58 total time | 8:48 pace

The Mysterious Foot Pain returned as I was approaching mile 4. I could still put all of my weight on it, but it was hurting. This pain has been strange. It began two and a half weeks ago with sudden ankle pain and a very bad limp. Then the pain center migrated to the outside top edge. Now it is still on the outside edge, but hurts on the top and bottom. Nothing I have read explains these symptoms. The closest is plantar fasciitis, but that’s not quite right.  I’m starting to think I should bite the bullet and go get an exam and X-ray to rule out a hairline fracture. Oh, right…I am without health insurance at the moment (yay, self-employment!), so for now, RICE.


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