Here goes…

26 Oct

A few days after finishing my first half marathon, the Mohawk Hudson River Half (Oct 7), a mysterious and painful foot injury appeared and I have not been able to run much for the better part of three weeks. Not being able to run has been messing with my emotions (seriously, just ask my husband). So, in an effort to tackle the angst and remain motivated, I decided to join the ranks of thousands of other runner bloggers out there who also enjoy running and talking about how much they love running. So here I am and here goes!

Would it be weird to admit I spent all day racking my brain to come up with a name for this blog? I had a short list of a few that made sense to me such as Therapist on the Run, Running on Chocolate, Just Keep Running… and  finally settled on Run Breathe Be.  I chose this name because of my efforts to be mindful in my daily life and especially while running.  To me, running is meditation in motion. Keep an eye out for some posts about that in the future.

I guess I should get started on writing some posts about this past year of running, I’m sure you’re dying to catch up!


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